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A woman's touch...

Lori Ann Greenhouse is a power house!

Abdiel and I were SO blessed to work with her for two hours yesterday. A true star dancer that has risen to the top in hustle and ballroom worlds. She gifted me with so much in just one session.

I assume most dancers are visual creatures. I know in this process of playing major catch up, I need visual guidance so much. I do not have the vocabulary in the American Rhythm dances to make choices other than what is demonstrated to me. I am unable to take choreography and "make it my own" yet. To see this beautiful goddess in motion gave me the the leg up I needed to take my execution to the next level. I know I still have a ways to go but this was the first quantum leap that I was waiting for.

We had the opportunity to have an after rehearsal moment and it was so special to learn about each others' paths. Turns out we have a crazy connection... I worked with her brother David over 20 years ago while living in Orlando! This world gets smaller everyday in the most beautiful way.

This is such an important time in history with the current social and political climate. As a woman, I am so grateful for the incredible powerful, talented and infinitely nurturing woman in my life and I am blessed to be able to add one more to that list.

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