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I can see a light at the end...

I realize I haven't posted in quite awhile. It's almost as if my need to lay out my fears here is slowly ebbing away. Not saying that I am completely carefree but I have definitely been on the up and up involving how I feel emotionally with it all. I have definitely been quite busy and even went out of town from November 12th to 19th for a project where Abdiel and I were forced to take that hiatus from our upward MOMENTUM.

Shortly after my last post, Emmanuel gave us our choreography for our fifth and final dance, MAMBO. I couldn't believe I had managed to get all of this information. The challenge is keeping it in my brain and then working it enough so that the movement looks like I have been doing these dances for years. I think I was most nervous about this last dance between speed and knowing how full my head feels with these very technical dances.

Then there is the physical aspect of it all. I have never been more aware of having bunions AND my back which I never know how it is going to feel when I wake up (mostly feeling out of whack) likes to challenge me, almost to dare me to isolate my ribcage with the Latin technique. Some days I can warm up in half an hour and other days, I need almost an hour. Yet, once we start dancing, it all fades away and there is just the DANCE.

This is the "runner's high" or the "zone" I love to be in. Time stops and we just work. We work hard, sweat a LOT, pick apart each pattern to make it the best for us. When we discover the right placement, focus or timing, we both get giddy. This is magic, this is ART IN MOTION.

We are getting SO close to our invited rehearsal... and we still have two other performance commitments before then! My struggle is to stay in the moment and make the most of the time I have. We will have to take this weekend off for Thanksgiving, but I will definitely be giving thanks. Thanks for my partner, my team, my health, my body which is still there for me even though I push her to the extreme still and this incredibly exhilarating experience which will only reveal more of my purpose the further I stay on this path.

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