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An Unexpected Journey To Empowerment- part 1

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Welcome to The Voice.

Think of The Voice as the new identity of my blog which originally was created to share my struggle as I officially embarked down the ballroom path. The journey of discovering how and what The Voice spoken to me throughout my life has finally led me to uncovering and owning my empowerment.

For many, Empowerment can all too easily elicit visions of some female activist, an environmentalist or maybe someone holding a picket sign or with their fist up in the air. I know that at one time I held these visions myself until the recent pandemic. All of the time I have had everyday of "sheltering in" has put my mind to work. I began thinking that since I am unable to express myself through my partner dancing that I have been on the path of for the last year and a half, I must find a new outlet of expression and this has led me to my unexpected literary journey of writing about empowerment.

I realize that empowerment is something I have always been In the process of uncovering, discovering and trying to apply in my own life. I have especially pondered this in regards to not just being a woman, but being a woman now in the middle age years of my life who must deal with ageism and as an Asian-American who unfortunately has had to deal with ignorance and racism not only in the past but currently in this new world of fear due to the CoVid 19 pandemic.

These are just a few facets of my identity but there are still so many more. Through my different expressions, daily thoughts and stories of my past I am hoping to enable you, the reader, to understand how certain pivotal moments in life are so important in the development of not only our own development but of others' as well.

You know that voice that we all have inside of us? Sometimes it speaks up just before a significant shift or event in our lives. It can speak up during and/or after and sometimes it speaks up not at all. I have been discovering this voice of empowerment. I have been learning about it, from it, doubting it at times and other times losing complete control of it only to witness it running away with itself before I am even aware what has happened. In the times it became too late to stop it, I then had to deal with the consequences of the aftermath it had created but I was still to come out having learned something of extreme value.

The Voice to me is more than just my intuition or my sense of impatience or even an outspoken subliminal consciousness. I realize that The Voice is a definitive part of my entire being and that I must treat it as such because only through embracing it is how I can empower myself in all areas of my life.

You see, I am not just someone who believes in woman’s empowerment. I am an artist, daughter, sister, divorcee, dancer, POC, and the list goes on. My life experiences and my unexpected journey of empowerment are how and why I have become aware of the many different expressions you will be reading. My Hope Is that through these personal anecdotes, thoughts and significant moments in my life, maybe, just maybe a light bulb will go on for you and that its light may be shed to dispel any darkness and uncertainty you yourself are currently facing.

We all deserve to be heard when we are ready to speak up. We all deserve a life of inner peace and happiness. Between the challenging moments sometimes it takes knowing one's own strength to find the courage and confidence to speak out especially when we find ourselves alone on the island of our own beliefs.

There is so much conflict out in the world and what is happening on the outside is a reflection of what is happening on the inside. How to grow and learn from what is on the inside, will take being fearless enough to look deep within, ask ourselves the difficult questions even when we don't know the answers and learn to find our voice, your voice, The Voice of empowerment.

Empowerment is about finding your balance between what is too much and too little. It can and will be a trial and error process. However, the more we learn to harness The Voice, the more we will learn when to use it to our best advantage and how forceful we should be. Then unstoppable we will become. I have struggled to find my voice, The Voice. Are you ready to listen and discover your voice, The Voice to Empowerment?

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